Frequently Asked Questions We Get At Party Rentals of Nova

Yes, you can use our Instant Quote, Book Online, or Check Availability features found nearly anywhere on our site. You will first be provided a quote to verify what services you have selected, after which, select Book Online once you have received your quote. You may also read and sign our rental contract online. Deposits or payment in full can be made through our secure portal utilizing Open Edge Payment systems.

Yes, we do everything in our power to ensure a safe party and/or event. This includes staking inflatables and tents for grass areas, as well as utilizing fixed weights for harder surfaces such as blacktop or concrete. We review the safety rules after set up, and leave you with a copy of those rules with a direct contact number in case of any issue arising. All of our inflatable and tent rentals meet all NFPA 701 requirements for fire safety.

Yes, we vacuum and sanitize our inflatable rentals with a cleaning mixture which kills any bacteria that may be present on its surface.

You may cancel your rental up to 48 hours prior to the start time with no penalties or fees. Cancellation within 48 hours or less of the start time will result in you forfeiting your deposit, unless the cancellation is due to bad weather conditions. There are times when Mother Nature just does not want to cooperate on the day of your event, and that’s fine. We monitor the weather closely, and in the event of wind, rain, or an afternoon thunderstorm, we will contact you to confirm if you still want your rental. The inflatable rentals are not to be utilized during wet conditions as the vinyl becomes extremely slippery. In case of a windy day, where wind speeds are predicted to be above 15 mph, we will not set up and any deposit will be refunded. Again, safety is our first priority and it’s a known fact that inflatables and high wind speeds do not mix.

Although you also have the option to pay in full at the time of your booking, we require a minimum of a 25% deposit at the time of booking. Deposits are refundable for inclement weather or early cancellations. For cash and credit card payments, we will collect upon arrival if you have not prepaid in full. Our credit card processor is completely secure and we do not hold or sell your account information in any way.